About Us

Get to Know the GTC Crew!

We're The Good Time Collective, but you can call us the GTC. Imagine a band that covers everything from Bruno Mars to Jay Z, Justin Bieber to E-40, and even throws in some yacht rock favorites. Yeah, that's us. We're your DJ's favorite cover band, not just playing tunes, but bringing back those killer party classics and road trip jams that DJs spin but we rock live. We're all about that positive vibe, swag, and finesse. We're not just a cover band; we're the future of cover bands. Don't just hear about us, be part of the vibe. We are The Good Time Collective!

Meet The Collective

Michael RayRay
(Drums, Curator, Band Mgr, Co-Founder)

Emily RayRay
(Vocals, Co-Founder)

Justin Engel

Ed Pasalo
(Key-Bass, Curator)

Lionel Briones
(Sax, Keys, Vocals)

Vince Rillera
(Bass Guitar, Key-Bass, Vocals)

Anthony Francisco
(Guitar, Vocals)

Andrew Dixon

Bennett Roth-Newell
(Keys, Vocals)

Michael Pacis
(Percussion, Vocals)

Rae Rosero

Joe Maier